Tx2 POD 4 (ep. 49 to 56) – Moderate – Abs Intervals

Program 4 – This program is only two weeks long, but it packs a punch…right in the gut! Similar to the other Tx2 programs the muscle groups are split between two separate circuit routines, so you will work each muscle group twice per week. The big change for this program happens every time that you […]

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Tx2 POD 3 (ep. 33 to 48) – Moderate – Cardio Blocks

Program 3 – This program splits the muscle groups into 2 separate routines (circuit format), so that each muscle group is worked two times per week. The most effective and basic exercises are implemented into every circuit. Also added into the circuits are high intensity cardio blocks. These blocks consist of several cardio movements to […]

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Tx2 POD 2 (ep. 17 to 32) – Moderate – Cardio Acceleration

Program 2 – This program continues  to split the body into two muscle group routines, but adds another element. In addition to the resistance training, cardio elements are added in between every set, to increase the calorie burning effect. That is why it is called cardio acceleration. The combination of working each muscle group twice […]

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