Our Resistance Loop Bands Workouts transform your bands from a limited fitness tool, to a full body transformation machine!


Target your trouble areas!

Loop bands exercises are AMAZING for targeting all areas of the legs, arms and back

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Loop bands are typically used as a complimentary piece of exercise equipment to enhance a workout. We know that they can be SO MUCH MORE. You will be able to challenge every muscle group on your body with this unique style of bands. Loop bands have advantages over other types of bands because they can create super smooth resistance in positions that target specific muscles like the outer thigh and Butt.

There are a number of advantages with this workout program:

  • Only The Best Exercises
    Learn and do the tried and true exercises that take advantage of the closed loop band design.
  • Follow along
    Forget looking at worksheets or trying to design your own routine. Start a video and follow along.
  • Better Results 
    Get better results by NOT working out alone. Our instructor is also your workout partner. 
  • Anytime, Anywhere
    Do YOUR workouts on YOUR schedule. Access our videos from anyplace that has internet access.

What Others Are Saying:

Our members are never shy about how they like or dislike a class. We knew after the very first episode that this incredible workout was a keeper! Read some of the comments below:

Erik D. BLWorkouts Member

"Oh my goodness I loved every minute of it. Thanks @Abbey, can’t wait to go through the archives with this one!"

Audrey Q. BLWorkouts Member

"Thank you. I am dripping wet. Great workout."

Drew T. BLWorkouts Member

"Abby, this was ridiculous! What a tough, tough show. Those hip bridges were something else."

You will be shocked at what you can do with your loop bands. They are truly amazing for targeting so many of the problem areas: outer thigh, Butt, Triceps, Biceps and Upper back.

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