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Experience this outstanding Toning class with resistance bands.

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SO, you've got your bands and you want to tone up? What are you supposed to do? What are the best exercises?  Take a deep breath, because you have made it to the right place. Bodylastics Workouts has amazing, super effective Resistance Bands Workouts for women. Our "Toning" class will help you burn calories, burn, fat and build strength in your muscles.

Advantages Of This Toning Workout:

  • The Best Body Firming Exercises
    Learn and do the perfect band exercises to burn calories, and target the Legs, Abs, Arms & More!
  • No Planning Required
    Let us do all of the routine writing and designing. All you have to do is start the video and follow along.
  • Stunning Results
    Push yourself harder along with our instructor.  Working out with a partner = better results.
  • Convenience
    We know, you are busy! Time is valuable. Dial up these classes when it fits into YOUR schedule

What Others Are Saying:

How do our female members feel about these amazing classes? Read REAL comments below:

Louise S. BLWorkouts Member

"Tried this for the first time today…..it’s brilliant I love it…..thank you…."

Neecie BLWorkouts Member

"Great w/o! very hard but have time to follow without pauses. Thank you for all you energy and fun attitude. it really helps to get it done."

Natalie M. BLWorkouts Member


You are going to LOVE the way that you feel after the very first class!

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