We infuriated the Free Weight community by offering QUICK Resistance Band Total Body Workouts that rival long gym routines


Max Work In Less Time!

Experience this amazing 10 Minute exercise format that ensures every muscle is worked and transformed.

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Feel & see results with 10-Minute Routines!

Come on, can 10 minute workouts really be effective? Heck yes! After 7 years of creating follow along routines we can say with all confidence that 10 Minutes is PLENTY. However, the routines must be written and performed properly. Our super busy members asked for a show like this, so that they would be able to work all of their muscle groups, several times a week. We delivered!

There are a number of advantages with this workout program:

  • The Most Effective Exercises
    To insure that every muscle group is worked to the limit we only incorporate the most effective movements.
  • No Guess Work
    You don't have to do any planning. You simply press "play" and then follow along for 10 Minutes.
  • Better Results
    Our instructor pushes himself and YOU, to insure that every workout produces results.
  • Convenience
    If a workout does not fit into your schedule, you'll skip it. All you need for these Tornado sessions is 10 minutes!

What Our Members Are Saying:

No fabrication here! These are real reactions by our valued members. They could not believe how well these sessions worked their bodies. You won't either!

Jennifer K BLWorkouts Member

"Whoa! Fast and Effective!!!"

Seth BLWorkouts Member

"That was great, Scott!! Thanks for the amazing total body workout. Hit everything I wanted. Excellent."

Nancy H. BLWorkouts Member

"This workout is a perfect package!"

If your schedule has become too busy to work your muscles multiple times a week, this format will be your new best friend!

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