Shock your friends with insane arm muscle growth, provided by these intense 10 Minute Resistance Band Arm Workouts


Get Big Guns With Bands!

Experience this insane Arms Building Workout with resistance bands. 

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The Fastest Way To Great Bis & Tris!

If you want to have people talking about your arms, you have to work them HARD, and with greater frequency. That's why the team HERE created the Tornado Resistance Band Arm Workouts. These intense arm sessions pack 30 minutes of arm work into a fast and furious 10 Minute Mega Burst!

There are a number of advantages with this workout program:

  • The Best Resistance Band Arm Exercises
    Learn the exercises that harness the properties of resistance bands and work the muscles extra hard.
  • Tons Of Pre Planned Video Routines
    This program is in a super easy format. Simply Start the video and then just follow along.
  • Training Partner = Better Results
    It has been proven that working out with a partner yields better results. Our instructor is also your workout partner.
  • Short Format, Greater Frequency
    The days of arranging your schedule around your workout are over. Dial these videos up at the optimal time for you

What Others Are Saying:

What do our members think about these fast and furious muscle building routines? Read below:

Jackson K. BLWorkouts Member

"That rep combination got my arms pumped up. Thanks!"

Tee Man BLWorkouts Member

"Second time through this one and I love it. Really feel the heavy work!"

Marie V. BLWorkouts Member

"I love 10 min arms! It is a great addition to chiseled!"

Kamal P. BLWorkouts Member

"This was great. Great addition to liveEX. I thought about doing arms dumbbells after this but my arm are on fire!"

Samajon BLWorkouts Member


Skinny Bones BLWorkouts Member

"Thanks Scott! My biceps are burning…"

Pepper these gems throughout your week and your arms will have no choice but to change - We guarantee it!

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