There's a secret that Pilates instructors do not want you to know: you can get as good, if not better Pilates Workouts With Resistance Bands, right at home


Pilates With Elastic Bands!

Do all of the reformer exercises in incredible full length Pilates routines. 

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Long and lean muscles are in your future!

Pilates is a series of super effective exercises that blend Yoga and ballet type movements. You will build long and lean muscles without injury. In order to do the most effective style of Pilates, instructors will tell you that you must use a reformer (A horizontal apparatus that uses springs to create tension).  Reformer style sessions at a studio can easily cost you $100 and up. Well, that was until NOW! Do all of the same incredible Pilates reformer movements, right at home with resistance bands.

There are a number of advantages with our Pilates workout program:

  • The Best Exercises
    Learn and do the best Pilates exercises that have been used for years to build long beautiful muscles
  • No Guess Work
    Our certified Pilates instructor will coach and lead you through incredible routines. Simply follow along.
  • Better Results
    It has been proven that working out with a partner yields better results. Our instructor is also your workout partner.
  • Convenience
    The days of finding a Pilates class that fits in your schedule are over. Do these classes when YOU are ready.

What Others Are Saying:

​How Do Bodylastics Workout Members respond to the Pilates Workouts With Resistance Bands?

Erika D. BLWorkouts Member

"Excellent workout, the work with the bands really intensified the work in the core, really felt the obliques in this one."

Wingstofly BLWorkouts Member

"Great Pilates class!!!!"

Fefifum BLWorkouts Member

"Wow! Extra hard, but great as always."

Linda A. BLWorkouts Member

"Your Pilates classes has helped me lose weight and tone!! Love your classes!"

Bella S. BLWorkouts Member

"Wowza what a challenging one. Thoroughly enjoyed it in a love/hate kind of way. Love because it’s good. Hate because it’s hard."

Nya BLWorkouts Member

"I really like this teacher. She moves through the exercises smoothly and efficiently. A great Pilates workout in less than an hour!"

You literally will be shocked at how much better you will feel after just a couple of classes. Not only will you get a great workout, but you be more flexible.

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