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As a man, your chest is the cornerstone of your physique. When you take off your shirt, that's what people look at. Then they move down to your abs. Building a big muscular Chest is not easy! It takes a lot of work and some extra training. One or occasionally 2 workouts a week will build some quality muscle, however, if you want the powerful chest that you have envisioned, then you have to work it harder and more often. That's why the team at Bodylastics Workouts created these 10 Minute Tornado Chest Workouts.

These Chest Workouts come with tons of advantages. Here are a few:

  • The Best Chest Exercises
    Nothing exotic here! All of the exercises included in these routines were chosen because they are effective.
  • No Guess Work
    Forget designing a workout or just winging it. These workouts are all done for you. Just follow along.
  • Better Results
    Working out by yourself can lead to extra breaks and less intensity. Let our instructors push you to the next level.
  • Convenience
    If a workout is convenient you will do it. All you need is 10 free minutes you can crank out these routines.

Don't just take our word for it

Our members are never shy about giving their opinions. Read some of their comments about these workouts below:

Sambajon BLWorkouts Member

"You're the Best Scott, thanks for giving me this opportunity to push my body to unreal limits!"

Ken J. BLWorkouts Member

"WOW…this was intense for such a short duration. My chest is numb right now!"

JwMii BLWorkouts Member

"Amazing workout. I could feel the pain through the screen of my phone. Very intense!"

D. Danielson BLWorkouts Member

"I have no excuses for not finding 10 minutes to exercise. No excuses left! Scott, you are brilliant! Keep going!"

Tina M. BLWorkouts Member

"WOW…that almost KILLED me..!"

Steve P. BLWorkouts Member

"That was an intense 10 minutes. I really wanted to get an extra chest workout and that was perfect! Thanks."

Your chest starts growing the minute that you begin adding these 10 Minute Tornados into your week.

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