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Hi, I'm Blake Kassel. Years ago I had the idea to start shooting LIVE muscle building workouts on the internet called "Chiseled". Frankly I was nervous! What if all of my claims about building muscle with bands was wrong? The free weight community claimed "You can't build muscle with bands!" If that was true, I would be ruined. Well, there was only one way to find out, so in 2009 we started filming. The good news for you and me is that we greatly exceeded all of our expectations.

This workout program has a long list of advantages. Here are a few:

  • Proven Exercises
    Years of Band workouts has helped us to identify which exercises bring the best results. We pass that on to you.
  • No Guess Work
    The days of creating schemes for reps and sets are over. We do that for you. You simply have to follow along. 
  • Better Results
    Most Chiseled participants see the best results of their lives. We motivate and push you beyond your limits.
  • Convenience
    Forget fighting traffic to the gym, and waiting for machines. Get the ridiculous muscle building workouts anywhere.

You need some proof:

I know, we are claiming, "The Best Resistance Band Workout". Those are some hefty claims. However, we have hundreds of men and women that would never go back to anything else. Take a look below at some typical comments that our members post after a new episode:

Stephanie BLWorkouts Member

"My abs and legs hate you, but my body will thank you soon! Love you guys! Happy weekend!"

Shannon BLWorkouts Member

"Blake, my abs are still killing me from last workout. I love these workouts with you. keep up the good work."

Drew T. BLWorkouts Member

"I liked/HATED the one-minute wall sit at the end. That’s an interesting change-up for some point. Thanks for motivating us, Blake."

Justin D. BLWorkouts Member

"Love this series and loving the results…I do these workouts because I know everyday there is a workout waiting for me to do….."

Nestor C. BLWorkouts Member

"Wow! What a burn, loving this program, Thanks brother!"

Jackson K. BLWorkouts Member

"Another week of Chiseled in the books. Thanks Blake for helping me make the positive changes to my body. Have a great Friday workout partners!"

Experience the Best Resistance Band Workout. Experience Results Unlike Any That You have Seen Before!

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