We created Abs Workouts With Resistance Bands that outperform Abs Workouts with all other types of equipment - Guaranteed!


Better Abs With Bands!

Abs work is great without any resistance. Use bands and it becomes insane! 

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We know, you'd like to be able to show off your Abs, but somehow that Abs workout always gets pushed to the bottom of your "to do" list. Now you will be able to work your Abs muscles to the max, in a short but effective format that will fit into YOUR schedule. Complete these quick super sessions multiple times a week to produce incredible changes to your washboard.

There are a number of advantages with these Abs Workouts:

  • Proven Exercises
    Nothing crazy or outlandish here. Just the Abs exercises that are super effective and proven to bring results.
  • Just follow along
    Simply start an Abs video and then just follow along with your instructor/workout partner. Guess work - gone!
  • Better Results
    You will work harder and therefore see better results. Our instructors are chosen for their ability to motivate!
  • Convenience
    These incredible routines take just 10 minutes to complete. Fit them in throughout the week

What Others Are Saying:

Most of our members, feel that it is essential to work their Abs. When they lose the fat they want a well developed 8-pack to be visible. Read some of their comments below:

Jim W.  BLWorkouts Member

"I’m 50 and have HATED ab work for 38 years. I started doing the 10 min Abs with Scotty in August. I look forward to the workouts and have seen phenomenal results."

Fififum BLWorkouts Member

"And I thought TX2 was hard! This was a great workout. Thank you!"

Rebecca M. BLWorkouts Member

"I did this episode right after a 12 minute jump rope session and my abs were twitching by the end. Not a bad workout for a Thursday!"

Jason C.  BLWorkouts Member

"Wow. That was brutal but I liked it. I think I'm addicted already. Thanks for that Scott!"

 Kyle S. BLWorkouts Member

"Just did episode 1…this is awesome..luv this! Thanks Scott"

Fremy BLWorkouts Member

"Scott! Wow man this ep. really burn my abs!!! GREAT!!!!!! Thank you…"

Combine these workouts with a tighter eating program and watch out! You will be looking for reasons to take off your shirt!

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