Positive Reps For Resistance Band Workouts: 

If you have never done Positive Reps with your resistance bands you are in for a treat! Positive reps will transform your resistance bands workouts. These special reps will force your muscles to hypertrophy (grow).

Most of us train the way that were were taught. For each rep it is 1 second for the concentric phase (contraction), and 1 second for the eccentric phase (negative). We call this a 1/1 count. For example with a push up, you would do 1 second as you push up (Concentric), and 1 second as you lower back down (eccentric).

This rep scheme is okay, however it is not the most beneficial. The goal while you are working your muscles is to keep them under an extended period of tension. The proper term for this T.U.T. (Time Under Tension).

The more T.U.T. that you can achieve, the harder that your muscles will work,  and forced to adapt to accommodate the new stresses. How do they adapt? By increasing in strength and size. This is the theory of adaptation and it is why resistance training works.

A Positive Rep increases the T.U.T. by increasing the duration of the rep during the concentric phase.

Typically in the workouts on this site we do a 4/1 count for our positives. So, you take 4 seconds for the contraction, and then 1 second to return to your starting position.

Let's do an experiment, so you can feel the difference with these types of reps. Go get your bands 🙂

***Learn better with video? We have one for you! To follow along with our video CLICK HERE.

For the experiment we will be doing positive reps for both Resisted Pushups and Standing Biceps Curls. For each rep, you slow down the contraction, so that it takes 4 seconds. So, for both exercises, it should take 4 seconds to reach the ending position of the movement. It should take you 4 slow seconds to push your body up (pushups) and 4 seconds to raise your hands to Chest height (curls). To review proper form for these exercises, click on these links: Resistance Bands Push Up, Biceps Curl With Resistance Bands

Do one sets for each exercise and then repeat. Incredible, right??? You should have a pump, even though you only completed 2 sets for each exercise. Positives are a total game changer. Incorporate these reps into your band workouts for 1 month and watch the magic!

Want to make it even more nasty?  Do 6 positive reps followed by 6 regular speed reps.

If you want to follow along with a complete month long program that incorporates Positive Reps, Join Bodylastics Workouts HERE and then navigate to Chiseled POD 86. Enjoy!

Good luck with you workout!

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