Boredom Eliminator Workout With Resistance Bands: 

Resistance bands are the greatest muscle building tool on the planet - there, I said it! However, If you do the same workout over and over not only will your body stop responding, but you will get bored and eventually skip your sessions.

Luckily, I have a cure for this. It is a super fun and super effective workout routine called "Muscle Gambling". Even if you do not like to gamble, or have lost every time you gambled (I am guilty of that), EVERYONE IS A WINNER with muscle gambling. Winner, winner GRILLED chicken dinner!

Here are the basics:
For each muscle group, you create 6 different exercises with different rep schemes. List them out from 1 to 6 and write them out with big letters on a piece of paper or a white board. Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out the example for Chest Exercises  below:
**If you don't know what these types of exercises are, stay tuned for future posts
***You can also see the video demonstration of this here: Boredom Killer Workout With Resistance Bands

#1:   10 x Negative Pushups
#2:   10 x Positive Chest Presses
#3:    8 x 3 +3 Wide Fly Pushups
#4:    Pulse Then Crank Pushups
#5:   10 and 10 rep drop set One Arm Chest Fly
#6:    20 Reps Kneeling Chest Fly

Each of these numbers will correspond with a number on a die (like dice). I actually use fuzzy dice because I think it gives the routine that little extra excitement 🙂

Now set a timer for a set amount of time. I recommend for each muscle group you give yourself 10 minutes.

Start the timer and the roll the dice.
Whatever # that you roll, determines what exercise you will do, as it corresponds with the same number on the board. You MUST do the exercise that you roll.

Once you complete the exercise that is listed under the corresponding number, Roll Again! Keep repeating this for the allotted amount of time.

Roll the same number 2, 3, 4, 5 times in a row?  You must obey the dice! That is part of the fun.

Give this one a shot!

Have a great workout,

Blake Kassel