Boredom Eliminator Workout With Resistance Bands

Boredom Eliminator Workout With Resistance Bands:  Resistance bands are the greatest muscle building tool on the planet – there, I said it! However, If you do the same workout over and over not only will your body stop responding, but you will get bored and eventually skip your sessions.Luckily, I have a cure for this. It is […]

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Positive Reps For Resistance Bands Workouts – Get Big Now!

Positive Reps For Resistance Band Workouts: If you have never done Positive Reps with your resistance bands you are in for a treat! Positive reps will transform your resistance bands workouts. These special reps will force your muscles to hypertrophy (grow).Most of us train the way that were were taught. For each rep it is 1 […]

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Essential Exercise For Resistance Bands Workouts, Squats!

The Squat – The Essential Exercise For Resistance Bands Workouts: Hey workout partners, it’s Blake Kassel. If you don’t know me, I’m an expert in resistance bands workouts. I help everyday folks take their resistance bands and get the best workout of their life.You’re going to be no different! Today I want to address the essential […]

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