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Dear Friend...Welcome!

My name is Blake Kassel and I am the founder of Bodylastics and Bodylastics Workouts.

Yes, that was me in 1991 in the red posing trunks. I was 21 years old and super strong. I thought I knew it all and figured I would be a free weights guy for life. Yes, in those days I built my body with Dumbbells, Barbells and Weight Machines.

Back then, if anyone had told me that they did Resistance Bands Workouts for bodybuilding I would have snickered. I probably would have said "You can't build muscle with bands". Let's just say that I was young and ignorant.

When I was 24 I was certified in personal training and learned about a great tool to use with your clients - Surgical Tubing, A.K.A. Resistance Bands!

Most bands would not be enough resistance for me, so I invented the stackable clip design. The prototypes were amazing and I knew that I had to get it to market. HOWEVER, I was designing this product for others, I was still a free weights guy.

As the years and life continued marching on, my workouts were becoming less and less frequent. I eventually became out of shape and unhealthy. This was certainly embarrassing as I owned a fitness equipment company. 

After trying the P90 workout, which was super popular in 2009, I came up with an idea. We could do Bodylastics Workouts "LIVE" for our customers and create a workout library.

There was just one catch, I would have to "Rebuild" my body with bands. This seemed like a good idea as Free Weights were hurting my joints. So, I gave it a go.

Fast forward to today. I am 47 and have TOTALLY rebuilt my Body with bands. Best of all I have been injury and pain free. I am literally in the best shape of my life!

This is what I offer to you: The most unbelievable, incredible Resistance Bands Workouts on the planet that will absolutely bring the results!

Come inside and see who we are. Take a look at what we do. Discover what we offer. All the best!

Your Future Workout Partner - Blake Kassel

Workouts For Every Goal

Bodylastics Workouts is worlds the largest resource for Resistance Bands Workouts.  However, we also have amazing Foam Roller, Exercise Stability Ball and Yoga routines as well. We cover ALL of the fitness goals below:

  • muscle building
  • body toning
  • fat Burning
  • performance
  • Mobility

Increase mobility to move throughout the day, or ease aching muscles with our great mobility classes.

Transform Your Body With Bands - Legit!

Forget words! Images work so much better 🙂 All of the before and afters below were achieved with resistance bands and the workouts HERE at Bodylastics Workouts

Anyone who claims you can't build or change muscle with bands is DEAD WRONG!
Scientifically, bands are actually more effective than weights because of their linear resistance profile. They apply more resistance on the muscle at the​ optimal point in the contraction. HOWEVER, training with bands is different that training with weights.​ You have to know how to do it right. That's why you need to hire us! This is what we know, this is what we do, and this is what we are going to teach you!​

Elastic Band Workouts Are Great For Everyone

The incredible benefits from Resistance Bands Workouts would be worthless if they weren't available for everyone.
Elastic bands are tough on the muscles, but easy on the joints. This means that they can be used literally by everyone! 90 Year old grandparents, tweens and everyone else in between can safely and effectively do band workouts with minimal risk of injury. This jam packed mega site has routines for all levels, so that no one ever has to feel left out. In addition, new workouts are added every single week.

Want Better Results? Do a POD!

What the key to your best results ever? Consistency! Stay consistent and on track with our PODs (Programs On Demand)

Most other workout sites on the web have random routines - no rhyme or reason to the programming.
What good is that? You do one workout, then what? Take a chance on another and hope it's good? Your time is way to valuable! We do things a little differently. Our workouts are organized into PODs. Similar to a Pea Pod that contains several peas, our workout PODs contain several workouts from the same format.  We tell you what days to exercise, and what days to rest. You will know that you are getting what you want, every single session.

We Do It "LIVE"

You will NEVER have to struggle through a workout alone again!

Back in 2009 we began shooting workouts on LIVEexercise with a risky format - "LIVE" broadcasts. No Makeup, no rehearsals, no retakes. The goal was for the workouts to be raw and real. We wanted our members to feel a connection with our instructors. Numerous studies show that people who train with a partner stick with their exercise regimen longer and are simply more successful. You will be successfull HERE! You will NEVER have to workout alone again Join us!

Take Your Bands And Band Workouts Everywhere!

Now you can take the worlds most effective equipment and workouts to anyplace on the planet. All that you need is access to the internet

How many times have you traveled away from home and got stranded in a hotel with a lousy gym, or no gym at all. 
Even if a gym was available, who wants to leave the room after a long day of traveling. WELL, THE GAME HAS CHANGED! The combination of resistance bands and our Resistance Bands Workouts will enable you to feel fantastic, regardless of your location. Many members on Bodylastics Workouts feel more comfortable when the are away, because they always have their workout family available. Pull up and stream your Bodylastics Workouts on your PC, MAC, IPHONE, IPAD and Android Phone..

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Lao Tzu

You paid for you bands, you own them! Now it's time to get the results that you expected and hoped for when you purchased them.