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If you are looking for resistance bands workouts for men, look no further! One of the greatest resistance bands muscle building workout shows on the planet is called Chiseled. It is designed to leverage the advantages of elastic resistance.


Are you new to exercise and Resistance Band Training? Just dipping your toe into the water to see how it goes? If so, then we have a great beginner/intermediate workout for you: TX2. Let our pro instructors lead and coach you through the basic and best exercises.


If you are looking for lean and long muscles, then the LIVEexercise Pilates Workout Classes are for you! Pilates is a system of exercises that are graceful and effective. The Pilates classes on LIVEex will enable you to get an amazing Pilates workout, almost anywhere.


Have you been looking for Beginner Workouts, but found that in the end most shows are too difficult or stressful on your joints? Look no further, because LIVEex has Launchpad Stage 1! Our instructor takes you through fun routines that include exercises from a seated position.


If you are just a step above an entry level beginner, or have completed Launchpad Stage 1, you area ready for our easy workouts at home in the Launchpad Stage 2 series. These sessions are designed to gradually increase mobility, strength, and stamina.


If you are a beginner but have some general experience with exercise, or you have completed the Launchpad Stage 2 series, jump into the starter workouts in Launchpad Stage 3! This is the perfect platform to build your endurance and strength to move on to the show on LIVEex.

10 Minute legs

You need Leg Workout at home? We have leg workouts for you to do at home! You have probably been taught that to build your legs you need to spend an hour in the gym. That used to be true. Not anymore! These super effective routines take 10 minutes!

10 minute chest

Develop an incredible chest with the LIVEex 10 Minute Tornado Chest Workout At Home. Chest muscles are not easy to build. They will only grow with a top-notch routine, and workout consistency. This show packs 30 mins of muscle training into a workout that requires 1/3 the time.

10 minute back

The Tornado Back workout at home can be essential for creating a strong and healthy back. A strong back is a healthy back. Only the basic and proven movements are incorporated into each episode. These back workouts are presented in a format that is perfect for all exercise levels.

10 minute arms

Tornado Arms is a quick arm workout show that is designed to work your arms muscles to the max in only 10 minutes. You will literally be shocked at how pumped your Biceps and Triceps will be after each fast and furious session.

10 minute abs

Don’t have time for abs workouts? Well, now you do! These amazing 10 Minute Abs workout video classes. Do these 10 minute training sprints multiple times a week and watch as your midsection gets tighter, stronger and more muscular.




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